The Activity board is used in mobilizing and training patients and an aid in healthcare. The Activity board is a unique product that, with its simplicity, gives staff and patients a quick and good overview of the patient's mobilization and training level. At the same time, the Activity board is easy to use, it engages and makes the patient participate in their own rehabilitation and contributes to person-centered care.

The Activity board was developed as an analogue product about seven years ago and is used today in a number of hospitals in both Sweden and Denmark. The Activity board has had such a positive effect on patients' rehabilitation that research on the effect of the Activity board is now being conducted at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The first published scientific study will be presented at the Physiotherapy 2019 conference in Stockholm October 23-25th.

Träningstavlan is the original Swedish name for the Activity board.

Phystec has now also developed, together with LU Innovation in Lund, a digital prototype, the Activity board Online. This prototypewill be publicly demonstrated for the first time during Physiotherapy 2019.

These pictures above shows the Activity board when it is ordinated to a patient. The Activity board should be placed near the patient´s bed.

Click here for link to scientific report

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